Thursday, December 18, 2008

What to get your spinster for Christmas.

There are still a few more shopping days before Christmas. Do you have a spinster to shop for? Don't get her a hug pillow. She won't think it's funny.
But who wouldn't love the Crazy Cat Lady board game? Even if she is a dog person, she will love the retro-style game that reminds me of the games I played as a kid. It's like Candy Land, with kitties. You can also get the accompanying action figure.

While you're shopping at Archie McPhee, check out the affirmation ball. It's a convenient compliment delivery system!

Help her weather the holidays with a sassy flask from Ann Taintor:
The Sex in the City movie is new out on DVD, but everybody knows the series was better. The complete set comes in a fuzzy pink binder. What could be better than that?How about a cook book? There are lots with recipes that make one or two servings. This one has healthy recipes, and I love the big crock-pot version of this one. You could even get her a small-size crock pot to go with it!

Finally, spinsters tend to be independent in nature and like to pick things out for themselves. A gift card or certificate is always a good idea. InSpa has lots of locations, and since they have a no-tip policy, it is easy to a gift card for the exact amount of the service.

An experience gift is also always good. Tickets to a concert or show are great, but so is an IOU for brunch or another fun activity.

Finally, I have really enjoyed giving and getting charitable donations lately. Charities are hurting in the current economy. Heifer International allows you to "give" livestock to a needy community. Pasado's Safe Haven is one of my favorites; you can make a flat donation, or you can sponsor one of the animals at their shelter.

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alh said...

I have the affirmation ball. Some days it's the only thing that saves my sanity (and the sanity of my coworkers).